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Smoke Odor Removal From An In-Home Fire 

Technologically Advanced Vapor Odor Removal System BannerRemoving smoke odor from a fire in your home or business in NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Iowa is something we are very good at accomplishing quickly and safely with our unique TAVS™ system. A destructive home fire is frightening enough. After the fire is put out, homeowners face the challenge of cleaning up the resulting mess caused by the fire.

Fires inside the home can not only destroy your property with hot flames, home fires also typically leave behind foul smoke odors that are very difficult to get rid of. Most fire restoration experts advise the property owner to pull up expensive carpeting and underneath the padding.

There is a proven smoke odor removal service that doesn’t require sealing wall/ceiling paint or removing flooring, carpeting or smoke damaged furniture (Unless there is soot staining from the smoke). All Odors Removed Iowa has homeowners covered with an innovative smoke odor removal method named TAVS™. TAVS™ is a Technologically Advanced Vapor System able to completely eliminate smoke and other foul odors quickly. This service is faster than traditional smoke removal methods.

The TAVS™ process offers homeowners an effective, less costly and safer way to rid the home of unwanted smoke odors. This method utilizes Chlorine Dioxide as one part of our 12-step process, to completely and gently remove all after fire odors. Unlike household bleach, CLO2 is not harsh or toxic. All Odors Removed professionals simply apply this product and wait approximately 24 to 48 hours for the complete elimination of smoke odors.

The gentle product doesn’t require vigorous scrubbing afterward like most smoke removal products do. No harmful residue is left behind. Many home fires are caused by malfunctioning electrical appliances or wires. Often, home fires begin in the kitchen with some type of cooking accident.

This usually occurs when someone forgets that they are cooking something on the stove top, or in a toaster or other oven appliance. Faulty electrical wiring can cause a fire that goes unnoticed inside the walls.

As a bonus, our system will also remove cooking odors while we are removing the smoke odor from your home or business. Sometimes house fires cause further water or chemical damage from firefighting efforts. Mold can develop causing even more damage.

Fortunately, All Odors Removed can eliminate these and other odors with TAVS™. Homeowners and landlords can get a free odor inspection by contacting us today. Get complete and guaranteed (per damage level) smoke odor removal in 24 to 48 hours or you DON’T pay.

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